Enrico Pieranunzi & Jasper Somsen

Enrico Pieranunzi - Piano
Jasper Somsen - Double Bass

Voyage In Time (a suite in nine movements) is conceived in the likeness of the suites of dances typical of the Baroque era. Some titles (Minuet, Courante, Pavane) may surprise the listener who associates our names with Jazz music. It is certainly true that our three previous albums together were Jazz albums. However, this fourth encounter - our second album for Challenge Records, after Common View (2020) - is a completely different recording, both in terms of line-up and material. The movements, composed by Jasper and arranged together during our recording session, reflect our shared love of classical music and combine classical forms with a very  open  improvisational approach. The result is a sort of journey back and forth between the musical language of our time and of times past. A very special  Voyage In Time, in fact, in which you are all invited to take part.  - Jasper Somsen & Enrico Pieranunzi

2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of the collaboration between Enrico Pieranunzi and Jasper Somsen

Release: September 2, 2022 (Challenge Records)

VOYAGE IN TIME - SPOTIFY: 80.000+ listeners (Februari 2023)


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Media Quotes

Pleasurable, virtuosic, subtle, and highly intelligent ... an illustrious art of playing, a fine feeling for the breath of the other person - and a musical repertoire that quite naturally brings baroque and contemporary jazz together
Jazzthing, GER - Stefan Hentz

"Voyage in Time" is such a high class album that you don't notice the complexity of the music immediately. It's a beauty of an album.
Klassieke Zaken , NL - Mischa Andriessen

****Conceptually bold, it is executed with great musicality, a perfect marriage of classical forms and open improvisation
Jazzwise, UK

Inner jubilation spreads when blue notes creep into the bubbling classical melody lines. The sound slowly unfolding, leading into an order of stylistic patterns ad absurdum. "Voyage in Time" removes the gray veil from the December sky and lets the listener dream.
Jazzpodium, GER - Detlef A. Ott

Far away from any routine, Pieranunzi and Somsen search for unplayed places, for new territory on this side - and they find these rare as well as precious oases of inspiration again and again. This is dissolute melancholy at its peak.
Kulturkomplott, GER - Jörg Konrad

Incredibly well done. The melodies emerge beautifully from the piano and bass strings. Played by these musicians the songs and dances transform into pure poetry.
Jazzenzo, NL - Mathijs van den Berg

With a great deal of sensitivity and a delicate expression full of emotion ... the synthesis is impressively accomplished, yet full of serenity and quite a lot of calm. A calmness that radiates, that encourages you to lean back and just enjoy. 
Musik an sich, GER - Wolfgang Giese

We let ourselves be taken with pleasure on this journey of a beautiful sweetness, of a great romanticism, of a pleasant inventiveness between the baroque references and the treatments of a soft and fluid jazz. We boarded with enthusiasm. We are waiting for you.
Le Soir, BE Jean-Claude Vantroyen

"Voyage In Time" is a testament to the maturity, experience, refined taste and precise performance of these two great instrumentalists.
Jazz-fun, GER

A true synergy between Jazz and classical music ... breathtakingly beautiful!
Rootstime, BE - Jan van Leersum

The result is soulful sounds and music with plenty of room to unfold. Which also shows how naturally different musical worlds can be playfully combined.
NRWjazz, GER - Christoph Gieses

We find throughout this work Pieranunzi’s graceful and poetic touch which marvelously combines with Somsen's restrained playing. To listen and listen again, so beautiful.
Jazzmania, BE


(c) 2019 photos by Eddy Westveer (trio)
(c) 2021 photos by Robbert Kamphuis (duo)

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