“One of the most exciting pianists in contemporary jazz” (The Guardian- UK)

Pianist/composer Lynne Arriale (USA) has performed on international concert stages over the past 25 years. Jazz Police called her “the poet laureate of her generation”. She has touched the hearts and inspired the imaginations of audiences worldwide and has been consistently praised as having a “singular voice” as a pianist, bandleader and composer. Her trio, with Jasper Somsen (NL) and E.J. Strickland (USA) explore Arriale’s stunning originals and beloved classics of artists including the Beatles and Joni Mitchell, combining world music inspirations and pop/rock influences.

“Give Us These Days”, Lynne Arriale’s 14th album as a leader is her most passionate and powerful album to date. “Chimes Of Freedom” will be released March 6, 2020.

The media about “Give Us These Days”:

The trio displays a remarkable synergy on Lynne Arriale originals, such as Appassionata and Another Sky. “An equal conversation between all musicians in any lineup is essential to reaching higher musical levels and deeper meanings,” Jasper Somsen said. “Having a good conversation with any musician means you have to be open-minded. With Lynne and us, this conversation has been very strong from the start.” Downbeat

As with every move in her celebrated career, Lynne Arriale remains both readily identifiable in her different pursuits and impossible to pin down in specific character. Whether given to introspection or taken by extroversion, she remains a force of nature. All About Jazz ****

There’s an overarching feel of freedom and joy that surpasses all that came before.  Majestic themes typically build intensity over the tracks while allowing Lynne’s bandmates plenty of room to shine…This album sits atop a discography that continually evolves, from an artist who manages to combine the ethereal and ferocious.  And one who never lets us forget the melody.  Jazz Police

Jazz that sounds so elegant and powerful, from such a sound and such energy, you just want more and you will not be disappointed over the entire length of the album.. On her 14th album, Lynne Arriale demonstrates how to use this gift to repeatedly convince and surprise her audience. The result is brilliant, and I urge you to listen to it for yourself.  Bayerische Rundfunk, Germany

Best Jazz Albums of 2018: …the improvised melody flows in a rush through Arriale’s fingers, as if the power of the combined forces of the trio were unable to contain the music. Somsen displays outstanding technique and melodic sense, and the ever-resourceful Van Hulten shows his amazing creativity … Jazz History Online

Lynne Arriale, back in the future. One woman, one word … with “Give Us These Days” Lynne Arriale’s tracklist reveals her personal and musical findings and tastes. There’s no guarantee for the future, except for this timeless music. JazzThing

Lynne Arriale – Piano
Jasper Somsen – Double Bass
EJ Strickland – Drums


May 17 & 18: Basel (CH)
May 19: Horgen (CH)
May 20: Amsterdam (NL – members only)
May 21: Zwolle (NL)
May 23: Berlin (GER)
May 24: Esslingen (GER)
May 25: Neuburg am Donau (GER)

Oct 9-12: Recordings new album: “Chimes Of Freedom” (BE)
Oct 14-15: London (UK)
Oct 18: Lustenau (AU)
Oct 19: Lausanne (CH)
Oct 20: Luzern (CH)


Woodstock (J. Mitchell/ arr. L. Arriale)

Appassionata (L. Arriale)

Finding Home (L. Arriale)

Give Us These Days (L. Arriale)

Slightly Off Centre (L. Arriale)

Another Sky (L. Arriale)

Let It Be (P. McCartney/arr. L. Arriale)

Over And Out (L. Arriale)

AVAILABLE: March/April – October 2020
RELEASE “Chimes Of Freedom”: March 2020 (Challenge Records)

(c) 2017 photo Carlos Villarroel – New Arts International