John Helliwell | Jasper Somsen

John Helliwell - Jasper Somsen feat. Hans Vroomans & Marcel Serierse

JOHN HELLIWELL –  Saxophone & Clarinet
HANS VROOMANS – Piano & Keyboards

In March 2022 the famous British saxophone/clarinet player and Supertramp member John Helliwell and the Dutch renowned double bassist/composer/producer Jasper Somsen recorded a beautiful and intriguing instrumental album. A mix of carefully selected jazz and pop repertoire form the perfect match for the intense, deep sound and lyricism which characterizes and connects both musicians. The lineup is completed by the Dutch major league musicians Hans Vroomans (piano/keyboards) and Marcel Serierse (drums). Their album “Don’t Ever Leave Me” will touch the hearts and souls of a wide audience from all over the world. The release is scheduled in November ’22 (Challenge Records). The album will be out on Vinyl, CD and at all digital streaming platforms.

RELEASE: November 2022 (Challenge Records)


DON'T EVER LEAVE ME on SPOTIFY: 96.000+ listeners (Feb. 2023)


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Media Quotes

☆☆☆☆ Helliwell is with a consummately elegant Dutch piano trio – pianist Hans Vroomans is suitably loose when needed; bassist Jasper Somsen tonally pristine and drummer Marcel Serierse exacting and no nonsense. Among so many highlights you will want to spend a lot of time  … which goes to show again Helliwell’s sensitivity and the quality of the arranging at play. 
Marlbank, UK

☆☆☆ It’s nice that John Helliwell is collaborating with the Dutch double bassist Jasper Somsen. Together with Hans Vroomans (piano) and Marcel Serierse (drums) they create a pleasantly warm sound. It’s a beautifully arranged, melancholic album.
De Volkskrant, NL

All the time, they focus completely on the melody. Both Helliwell and Somsen and pianist Hans Vroomans dare to make these melodic lines sound as pure as possible. This could be the reason why so many songs on this album are so deeply moving .
Trouw, NL

It’s more honest to look the truth in the eye and learn to appreciate the intimacy of improvised happenings and small clubs with enthusiastic musicians like bassist Jasper Somsen, pianist Hans Vroomans and drummer Marcel Serierse. So “Don’t Ever Leave Me” turns out to be a pretty, quite graceful album, where John Helliwell shows that he has more to offer than just blowing hooklines. 
Jazzthing, GER


(c) 2022 photos Eddy Westveer

Media & Technical Rider