Jasper Somsen | Enrico Pieranunzi | Gabriele Mirabassi

Jasper Somsen  - Double Bass
Enrico Pieranunzi - Piano
Gabriele Mirabassi - Clarinet

Expected release: February 2, 2024 (Challenge Records)

Composed by Jasper Somsen | Arranged by Jasper Somsen, Enrico Pieranunzi and Gabriele Mirabassi

Traveller's Ways is the fifth album by Jasper Somsen and Enrico Pieranunzi. On this album the Dutch double bassist and the Italian maestro are re-united with their favorite clarinet player Gabriele Mirabassi. Like their previous (duo) album "Voyage In Time" the music is a crossover between Jazz, Classical and (some) pop music, in which compositions and improvisations blend into one perfect amalgam.

"A melody you never heard before takes you back to a place where you have never been. Immediately, from the first notes of Traveller’s Ways, you as the listener feel that wondrous combination of familiarity and astonishment. On this magnificent album, Somsen, Pieranunzi and Mirabassi create music that feels like coming home and at the same time leads to numerous unknown destinations you have never visited before."
- Mischa Andriessen

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