Jasper Somsen | Enrico Pieranunzi | Gabriele Mirabassi

Jasper Somsen  - Double Bass
Enrico Pieranunzi - Piano
Gabriele Mirabassi - Clarinet

Expected release: February 2, 2024 (Challenge Records)

Composed by Jasper Somsen | Arranged by Jasper Somsen, Enrico Pieranunzi and Gabriele Mirabassi

Traveller's Ways is the fifth album by Jasper Somsen and Enrico Pieranunzi. On this album the Dutch double bassist and the Italian maestro are re-united with their favorite clarinet player Gabriele Mirabassi. Like their previous (duo) album "Voyage In Time" the music is a crossover between Jazz, Classical and (some) pop music, in which compositions and improvisations blend into one perfect amalgam.

"Immediately, from the first notes of Traveller’s Ways, you as the listener feel that wondrous combination of familiarity and astonishment. On this magnificent album, Somsen, Pieranunzi and Mirabassi create music that feels like coming home and at the same time leads to numerous unknown destinations you have never visited before."
- Mischa Andriessen


In dreams, you cannot get lost… A melody you never heard before takes you back to a place where you have never been.
Micha Andriessen
- Traveller's Ways (liner notes)

On this fantastic album Somsen, Pieranunzi and Mirabassi make music that feels like coming home and at the same time leads you to numerous unknown destinations that you have never visited before. The collaboration between Jasper Somsen and Enrico Pieranunzi clicks like a superior clockwork and the icing on the cake is the great clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi. It is always a pleasure to hear these musical giants. 
Rootstime, BE (Jan van Leersum) ...

The melodies are so relevant that we adopt them immediately. The music is like dreams we remember, and don't let them escape.
Le Soir, BE (Jean-Claude Vantroyen) ...

A warm, melodic breeze ... An album full of masterly command and filled with a certain gracefulness.
Marlbank, UK ...

The extremely smoothly playing instrumentalists complement each other perfectly. Evidently, Somsen's compositions are influenced by classical, pop, world and film music as well. The tracks on 'Traveller's Way' are not pure jazz and that is what makes this album so attractive.
Jazzflits, NL (Hans Invernizzi) ...

"Traveller's Ways" is an incredibly beautiful and profound album, performed with sincerity by three of Europe's best jazz musicians. Musica Terra, JPN ... Read more >>

The new musical paths to be discovered sound familiar and feel like coming home. In 'Traveller's Ways', Somsen/Pieranunzi/Mirabassi map out a road trip full of subtle personal accents, harmonious interplay and always a soft landing, without a road map or any prepared goal.
Jazzhalo, BE (Bernard Lefèvre) ...

Traveller's Ways invites listeners to unknown places with fresh melodies never heard before. The sound of the shimmering piano and graceful clarinet is a delight to listen to, as is the magnificent sound of the double bass that supports them.
Diskunion, JPN ...

With its impeccable musicianship, captivating compositions, and seamless collaboration between Jasper Somsen, Enrico Pieranunzi, and Gabriele Mirabassi, Traveller's Ways is a must-have addition to any jazz collection.
Rough Trade, UK

Jasper Somsen, Enrico Pieranunzi and Gabriele Mirabassi take the listener on a journey with the enchanting album 'Traveller's Ways'. The adventurous journey to unknown destinations begins with the first notes of 'Traveller's Ways', the compelling album where Jasper Somsen, Enrico Pieranunzi and Gabriele Mirabassi demonstrate their musical mastery. Music that feels like coming home and at the same time leads to many places you have never visited before. Every composition is like a dream, and in dreams you cannot get lost. You end up somewhere every time.

The eleven compositions on this album reflect the analogy between traveling and making music. Somsen, Pieranunzi and Mirabassi travel light, only with their technology and each other as luggage. They are guided by listening instead of focusing on a final destination. Their goal is simply to be on the road, to be alert to the beautiful things they encounter, sometimes to pause to enjoy the view.

Jasper Somsen
Jasper Somsen is a Dutch double bassist and composer, born in 1973. Somsen has collaborated with leading jazz musicians around the world and has left his mark on the international jazz scene. With an impressive track record as a bandleader and sideman, he has released and produced several albums.

Enrico Pieranunzi
Born in 1949 in Rome, Italy, Enrico Pieranunzi is considered one of the leading European jazz pianists and composers. With a career spanning decades, Pieranunzi has had an enormous influence on the global jazz scene. His virtuosity on the piano and musicality make him unique. He has collaborated with internationally renowned musicians and has an extensive oeuvre of recordings and compositions to his name.

Gabriele Mirabassi
Clarinetist and composer Gabriele Mirabassi, born in Perugia, Italy, in 1967, is known for his refined playing style. Mirabassi has a background in classical music, which gives his playing a unique color and depth. Due to his broad musical experience spanning various genres, he is a leading figure in contemporary jazz and world music.