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Jasper Somsen (1973, The Netherlands) graduated in both Jazz and Classical double bass. During his career Jasper has performed with some of the very best musicians at the international music scene, a.o.: Peter Erskine, Enrico Pieranunzi, Joey Calderazzo, Jeff Ballard, John Beasley, Jean-Michel Pilc, Bob Sheppard, Seamus Blake, Paolo Fresu, Lynne Arriale, Kendrick Scott, Justin Faulkner, André Ceccarelli, Gary Husband, EJ Strickland, Gabriele Mirabassi, Bert Joris, Ramón Valle, Toon Roos, Yuri Honing, Eric Vloeimans, Maria Mendes, opera singer Tania Kross, Pacho Flores, Daniel Freiberg and the Arnhem Symphony Orchestra,

Albums as a leader at Challenge Records:

2010: “Dreams, Thoughts & Poetry” (The Music of Enrico Pieranunzi)  – Jasper Somsen Group
2013: “Sardegna” – Jasper Somsen Group
2017: “A New Episode In Life part I & II” – Jasper Somsen Trio feat. Jean-Michel Pilc & André Ceccarelli

Jasper performes world wide, is a renowned studio producer, can be heard on 40 albums and was a frequently invited guest teacher at the conservatories in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Arnhem.

Ocean of Wisdom (J. Somsen) – From the Jasper Somsen Group album: “Sardegna” (2013)


Since the release of his first album in 2001, Jasper Somsen has been deeply involved into studio, live and video productions both as a performer and a producer. In 2016 Challenge Records offered him to take the lead as a producer for a new series of international Jazz releases. Besides his own trio albums, he was the (co-)producer of the albums including Bob Sheppard, Jean-Michel Pilc, Enrico Pieranunzi, Bert Joris and Lynne Arriale.


As a performer and/or producer

Enrico Pieranunzi | Jasper Somsen | Jorge Rossy: “Common View” (Challenge Records)
Lynne Arriale Trio feat. Jasper Somsen & EJ Strickland: “Chimes Of Freedom” (Challenge Records)
Enrico Pieranunzi & Bert Joris – duo album, produced by Jasper Somsen (Challenge Records)
Alessandro Di Liberto & The Sardinian Chamber Orchestra (feat. Peter Erskine & Eric Marienthal) (t.b.a.)

Bob Sheppard, feat. John Beasley, Jasper Somsen & Kendrick Scott: “The Fine Line” (Challenge Records)
Maria Mendes: “Close To Me” (produced by John Beasley – Justin Time)
Film Orchestra The Sprockets: “Eine Tolle Nacht” (Arte/ZDF)

Lynne Arriale Trio feat. Jasper Somsen & Jasper van Hulten: “Give Us These Days” (Challenge Records)
Jean-Michel Pilc: “Parallel” – solo piano album, produced by Jasper Somsen (Challenge Records)
Pieter Bast ESP :”Le Condition Humaine” (Buzz Music)
Christian Doepke feat. Bob Sheppard, Jasper Somsen & Jasper van Hulten: “Patience” (ZenneZ Records)

Jasper Somsen Trio feat. Jean Michel Pilc & André Ceccarelli: “A New Episode In Life part I
Jasper Somsen Trio feat. Jean Michel Pilc & André Ceccarelli: “A New Episode In Life part II
(Challenge Records)
Vera Naus: “Young Heart” (ZenneZ Records)
Willem Hellbreker Quartet: “Balanced Action” (Hellbreker)

Luca Gianquitto: “Nibiru” (Independent)
Jan Verwey Trio: “Dream Dancing” (OAP Records)
Enrico Pieranunzi Trio: “European Trio” (Jazz Italiano Live – La Repubblica)
JD Walter & the Michiel Buursen Trio: “Standards at Qubic” (Qubic Music)
Maurice Rugebregt & Jasper Somsen: “Two’s Blues (a tribute to Jim Hall)” (MauRecords)

Enrico Pieranunzi Trio: “Tales From The Unexpected” (Intuition/WDR)

Michiel Buursen Trio: “Awakenications” (MBM&P)
Pieter Bast ESP Quintet: “Midnight Song” (Buzz Music)


Jasper Somsen Group: “Sardegna” (Challenge Records)

Jasper Somsen Group: “Dreams, Thoughts & Poetry (The Music of Enrico Pieranunzi)”(Challenge Records)
Willem Hellbreker/Frits Landesbergen Saxvibes: “It’s Allright With Me” (Baileo)
Maria Markesini: “Jazz at the Concertgebouw” (Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

Trio Bert Lochs feat. Lydia van Dam: “Live” (Music Under Construction)
Film Orchestra The Sprockets: “The Three Must Get Theres (Max Linder)” (Lobster)

Michiel Buursen: “Dualogy (The Music of A.C. Jobim)” (MBM&P)

Trio Bert Lochs: “Mouth Pieces” (Music Under Construction)
Trio Jan Pilon: “Architects In Jazz (The Music of Ellington & Strayhorn)” (New Standard Records)

2001 – 2006
New Standard Trio: “Nightshift Thunder” (New Standard Records)
Trio Jan Pilon feat. Eline Gemerts: “Is You Is” (Independent)
Film Orchestra The Sprockets: “Domzien In Verwondering (750 anniversary of the city of Utrecht)” (‘t Hoogt)
New Standard Trio: “Footsteps (The Music of Sting)” (New Standard Records)
Frido Ter Beek: “Ahuila Maguilé”(Alfajor Records)
Bert Lochs Inquisitive Quartet (BLIQ): “BAQ” (Music Under Construction)
TETTERO: “Unicycle” (Independent)


(c) 2012 photo Jasper Somsen by Marcel van den Broek, New Arts International