Dutch double bassist, composer and producer Jasper Somsen (1973) graduated in both Jazz and Classical double bass. He collaborated amongst many others with Peter Erskine, Enrico Pieranunzi, Joey Calderazzo, Jeff Ballard, John Beasley, Jean-Michel Pilc, Eric Marienthal, Bob Sheppard, Seamus Blake, Lynne Arriale, Jorge Rossy, Kendrick Scott, Justin Faulkner, E.J. Strickland, André Ceccarelli, Gary Husband and Gabriele Mirabassi.

Besides a performer, Jasper Somsen is a renowned studio producer. As a double bassist, composer and/or (co-)producer he was responsible for the highly acclaimed albums by a.o. Enrico Pieranunzi, Bob Sheppard, Lynne Arriale and Jean-Michel Pilc for Challenge Records International.

Challenge Records releases as a (co-)leader:

Jasper ‘s long time collaboration with the Portuguese vocalist Maria Mendes got awarded with the Dutch EDISON AWARD 2020 (Jazz/World Music) for the album “Close To Me”: Maria Mendes feat. John Beasley and the Metropole Orkest. The arrangement of the famous fado “Asas Fachadas”, from the same album, got an American GRAMMY 2021 and a Latin GRAMMY 2020 nomination.

Jasper performes world wide and can be heard on more than 45 albums, video and film music scores. Outside a busy playing and studio producing schedule, Jasper divides his time between composing and teaching. Since 2021 he’s teaching at the ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem (NL).

MEDIA INFO – Jasper Somsen


Somsen’s features a punchy dancing tone while never losing the questing feel or dancing emotions the whole journey suggests.
The New York City Jazz Record (USA)

Jasper’s soaring lyricism and deep swing places him among today’s finest European double bassists.
Larry Abrams (USA)

Bassist Somsen’s his bass lines swinging flawlessly.
Arts Journal (USA)

Somsen’s bass solo probes the lines with creativity and respect … one brings a smile to your face.
Notes On Jazz (USA)

Somsen’s poetic melodies seem to float.
Trouw (NL)

Somsen his expertise is in tonal purity and a full sound. He caresses the sound as it journeys into an inner consciousness of imagination.
Marlbank (UK)

One lingering composition followed by another … a true pleasure to listen to, over and over again.
Rootstime (BE)

Somsen displays outstanding technique and melodic sense.
Jazz History Online (USA)

Jasper Somsen creates his spherical Jazz micro cosmos carefully and precise.
MultiKulti Project (POL)

Perfect amalgam for a music that’s highly personal.
Music Zoom (IT)

Somsen playing both rhythmically and harmonically the right tones at the right place.
Jazzpodium (GER)

Seemingly effortless he actively responds and counters new ideas with his trademark for sensibility and lyricism.
Donata van de Ven (NL)



2022 (expected releases)
John Helliwell – Jasper Somsen feat. Hans Vroomans & Marcel Serierse “Don’t Ever Leave Me” – release: (Challenge Records)
Enrico Pieranunzi & Jasper Somsen: “Voyage In Time” (a suite in nine movements) –  release: September (Challenge Records)
Lynne Arriale Trio feat. Jasper Somsen & EJ Strickland – release: April (Challenge Records)
Alessandro Di Liberto & The Sardinian Chamber Orchestra (feat. Peter Erskine & Eric Marienthal)

Enrico Pieranunzi & Bert Joris – “Afterglow”, duo album produced by Jasper Somsen (Challenge Records)
Silent Live: “Twee Soorten Adem” (Dutch jazz & poetry – Challenge Records)

Johan Hoogwijs : “Alles Is Als Het Zou Moeten Zijn” (Dutch Film Works, both double bass and bass guitar)
Enrico Pieranunzi | Jasper Somsen | Jorge Rossy: “Common View” (Challenge Records)
Lynne Arriale Trio feat. Jasper Somsen & EJ Strickland: “Chimes Of Freedom” (Challenge Records)
Paulus Schäfer/Joost Zoeteman Quartet: “Django” (Sinti Music)

Bob Sheppard, feat. John Beasley, Jasper Somsen & Kendrick Scott: “The Fine Line” (Challenge Records)
Maria Mendes: “Close To Me” (produced by John Beasley – Justin Time) EDISON AWARD 2020
Film Orchestra The Sprockets: “Eine Tolle Nacht” (Arte/ZDF)

Lynne Arriale Trio feat. Jasper Somsen & Jasper van Hulten: “Give Us These Days” (Challenge Records)
Jean-Michel Pilc: “Parallel” – solo piano album, produced by Jasper Somsen (Challenge Records)
Pieter Bast ESP :”Le Condition Humaine” (Buzz Music)
Christian Doepke feat. Bob Sheppard, Jasper Somsen & Jasper van Hulten: “Patience” (ZenneZ Records)

Jasper Somsen Trio feat. Jean Michel Pilc & André Ceccarelli: “A New Episode In Life part I” (Challenge)
Jasper Somsen Trio feat. Jean Michel Pilc & André Ceccarelli: “A New Episode In Life part II” (Challenge)
Vera Naus: “Young Heart” (ZenneZ Records)
Willem Hellbreker Quartet: “Balanced Action” (Hellbreker)

Luca Gianquitto: “Nibiru” (Independent)
Jan Verwey Trio: “Dream Dancing” (OAP Records)
Enrico Pieranunzi Trio: “European Trio” (Jazz Italiano Live – La Repubblica)
JD Walter & the Michiel Buursen Trio: “Standards at Qubic” (Qubic Music)
Maurice Rugebregt & Jasper Somsen: “Two’s Blues (a tribute to Jim Hall)” (MauRecords)

Enrico Pieranunzi Trio: “Tales From The Unexpected” (Intuition/WDR)

Michiel Buursen Trio: “Awakenications” (MBM&P)
Pieter Bast ESP Quintet: “Midnight Song” (Buzz Music)


Jasper Somsen Group: “Sardegna” (Challenge Records)

Jasper Somsen Group: “Dreams, Thoughts & Poetry (The Music of Enrico Pieranunzi)”(Challenge Records)
Willem Hellbreker/Frits Landesbergen Saxvibes: “It’s Allright With Me” (Baileo)
Maria Markesini: “Jazz at the Concertgebouw” (Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

Trio Bert Lochs feat. Lydia van Dam: “Live” (Music Under Construction)
Film Orchestra The Sprockets: “The Three Must Get Theres (Max Linder)” (Lobster)

Michiel Buursen: “Dualogy (The Music of A.C. Jobim)” (MBM&P)

Trio Bert Lochs: “Mouth Pieces” (Music Under Construction)
Trio Jan Pilon: “Architects In Jazz (The Music of Ellington & Strayhorn)” (New Standard Records)

2001 – 2006
New Standard Trio: “Nightshift Thunder” (New Standard Records)
Trio Jan Pilon feat. Eline Gemerts: “Is You Is” (Independent)
Film Orchestra The Sprockets: “Domzien In Verwondering (750 anniversary of the city of Utrecht)” (‘t Hoogt)
New Standard Trio: “Footsteps (The Music of Sting)” (New Standard Records)
Frido Ter Beek: “Ahuila Maguilé”(Alfajor Records)
Bert Lochs Inquisitive Quartet (BLIQ): “BAQ” (Music Under Construction)
TETTERO: “Unicycle” (Independent)


(c) 2018 photo Jasper Somsen by Maria Puga Lareo at the Trytone Studio, Los Angeles.
The former double bass owned by Ray Brown, courtesy of John Clayton.