Ten years after Jasper Somsen’s first released album as a bandleader, the band revisits the musical realm of one of the finest, still active, European Jazz pianists and composers of the last 40 years: Enrico Pieranunzi. “Dreams, Thoughts & Poetry” (The Music Of Enrico Pieranunzi) was released in 2010 at Challenge Records. The album turned out to be the spin off for Jasper’s international career as a double bassist/composer/producer, collaborating frequently with the Italian maestro, since 2012. The anniversary line up is the core of the original album, featuring pianist Karel Boehlee. Born in December 1949, the concerts will also be a celebration of the Pieranunzi’s 70th birthday!

Jasper Somsen – Double Bass
Bert Lochs – Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Electric Valve Instrument
Florian Zenker – Guitar & Effects
Karel Boehlee – Piano & Fender Rhodes

CONCERTS in 2020:
CONFIRMED: September 25 – Sijthoff, Leiden (NL)
Early Show: 19:30 | Late Show: 21:30
CONFIRMED: September 27 – De Verzameling, Westervoort (NL)
Early Show: 14:00 | Late Show: 16:30
POSTPONED  … September 30 – De Azijnfabriek, ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL)



It’s really a trip for me to be writing these liner notes! In fact this is the first time ever that someone other than me has dedicated an entire album to my music. A fluid and variegated portrait that, for once, others paint while I sit as the “model”—a truly unusual experience, I must say.

It has, of course, happened over the years that some isolated pieces of mine have been featured by other musicians on their albums, but this is something much more intriguing and exciting. An entire CD, and with such a title! And please, this is not false modesty; obviously I’m flattered that Jasper Somsen and his excellent partners decided to take the initiative to play my works and to enter into my musical world. But I also have to say, in all honesty, that the whole thing took me quite by surprise and that I really don’t feel I can go into detail on each one of these renditions.

I’ll just limit myself to saying that they’ve done a truly wonderful job and given it their all; each of my compositions has been treated with great imagination and feeling. Some arrangements in particular—“Dream book”, “Ein li milin” “Si peu de temps”—take a very inventive approach from an unexpected angle that works very well. And very strong all through the CD is the musicians’ clear intention to tune in to my sensibilities, something that is obvious both in the choice of selections as well as in their treatment. So all I can do is express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone, especially Jasper Somsen, who headed up the project, but naturally Bert, Florian, Jeroen and Pieter, whose interpretations and improvisations succeed beautifully in conveying the “dreams” and “thoughts” of the CD’s title.

As for poetry, well, that’s a pretty powerful word but, if Jasper decided to include it too in the title, far be it from me to object—on the contrary, I humbly accept it as a loving gift, but also as an incentive to keep trying to write music that touches the hearts of others and that others, musicians and otherwise, can love—in the way that I feel the pieces on this CD are loved.

Thanks again to everyone!!!  – Enrico Pieranunzi (Rome – April 12, 2010)