Silent Live




SILENT LIVE performs free improvised music with silent movies. After their first pilot performance in 2014 they instantly decided to continue their collaboration.

Bert Lochs – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, EWI & EFX
Frido ter Beek – Soprano & Alto Saxophone & EFX
Jasper Somsen – Double Bass

The sound of the three acoustic instruments mixed with electronic soundscapes creates a versatile, varied and unique audio experience, which affects the movie from unexpected angles.

Frido ter Beek and Jasper Somsen are renowned for their live performances with silent movies. For more than 15 years both musicians performed with a.o. Film Orchestra The Sprockets at the major film festivals and small film theaters in Europe. They can be heard on several DVD productions. Frido ter Beek wrote film music scores for a.o. a symphony orchestra and large ensemble.

Bert Lochs is a frequent invitee by the EYE Film Institute Amsterdam, to perform at their successful cinema concert series.

Seemingly effortless the music of SILENT LIVE crosses the fine lines between Jazz, Classical and World Music.

SILENT LIVE performed with a.o. Microcosmos (1996), The Artist (2011), Red Turtle (2016), Les Triplets De Belleville (2003), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) and several old French movies from the silent film era.

Since Frido ter Beek moved to Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2015, SILENT LIVE has a second line up: SILENT LIVE featuring Florian Zenker

SILENT LIVE featuring Florian Zenker

Bert Lochs – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, EWI & EFX
Florian Zenker – Guitar & EFX
Jasper Somsen – Double Bass

It’s not a coincidence Bert Lochs and Jasper Somsen asked Florian Zenker to be the substitute for Frido ter Beek. They are longtime friends and collaborated the last 15 years in a.o. the Trio Bert Lochs and the Jasper Somsen Group. They recorded five highly acclaimed albums and performed frequently in the Benelux and Germany. Florian Zenker is also a composer for film, radio and TV.


Thu. March 15 – Heerenstraat Theater, Wageningen (NL)
Sun. March 19 – EYE film museum, Amsterdam (NL)
Fri. June 30 – Trianon, Leiden (NL)
Sun. July 2  – Heerenstraat Theater, Wageningen (NL)


Photo Jasper: Evert-Jan Hielema