Fragments from the Jasper Somsen Group album: "Dreams, Thoughts & Poetry" (2010)


Jasper Somsen Group - photo by Marcel van den Broek - Challenge Records Founded in 2009 The Jasper Somsen Group released their first CD “Dreams, Thoughts and Poetry" (The music of Enrico Pieranunzi) in October 2010, via Challenge Records. The first album was rated highly by the media and was welcomed warmly by the composer himself. Enrico Pieranunzi stated in the CD’s liner notes: “…each of my compositions has been treated with great imagination and feeling.” “…. I humbly accept it (the CD) as a loving gift, but also as an incentive to keep trying to write music that touches the hearts of others…” 
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Fragments from the Jasper Somsen Group album: "Sardegna" (2013)


The Jasper Somsen Group continued their voyage in music. Their latest album "Sardegna" was released on Challenge Records in January 2013. The music for this album was composed by Jasper Somsen and Bert Lochs. Paolo Fresu stated in the CD's liner notes: “Another island yet to be discovered…  An island created by passion, imagination and poetry. Akin to other migrants to Sardinia, exploring our island, so also does Jasper by releasing this album: being able to create new memories and to whisper new destinations in our ears.”


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Bert Lochs - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Florian Zenker - Guitar & Electronics
Tilmar Junius - Piano
Jasper Somsen - Double Bass
Pieter Bast - Drums


Jasper Somsen Group
Bert Lochs,  Tilmar Junius , Jasper Somsen , Pieter Bast , Florian Zenker at Studio Eleven, Hilversum (NL)



 Photos & Artwork: Marcel van den Broek, New Arts International